Fortnightly Meditation

Building a community of practice.

We are pleased to announce that The Contemplary is offering fortnightly practice evenings open to anyone interested in being part of a community of meditation practice.  This experience of structured group practice is intended to support and compliment your individual practice.  These meetings will be comprised of a couple of practice session followed by discussion of practice related issues and challenges.

While open to anyone this is an opportunity for people who have participated in one of our retreats, courses or workshops and would like to have the experience of an ongoing supportive group practice.   Our focus will be primarily on Shamatha or ‘calm-abiding’ meditation practices that develop deeper levels of mindfulness and which are carried out with a loving-kindness motivation and dedication.

The guidance provided will be limited to the what is required by the level of experience in the room with an emphasis on silent self-guided practice where possible and as experience develops.  We have chairs and meditation cushions for seated meditation but feel free to bring a yoga mat or any props you may require. Finally please wear warm and comfortable clothing.