Andrew Green

If I were to consider my own motivation as the foundation from which I have become intimately involved with The Contemplary, I would say that it stems from seeing a great need for contemplative inquiry to have a more central role in the way we live our lives in this increasingly connected and interdependent modern world.

Our world has become more connected than ever before as a result of rapid technological advancement. Although this has brought many material benefits, there is mounting concern that we are just as rapidly becoming disconnected from our bodies, our emotions, our relationships and our environment. In response, there is a growing community that sees the immense potential for technology to be used in combination with contemplative practice in order to increase our sense of presence and interconnectedness rather than it simply being a novel distraction. In the future I hope to be able to explore the crossroads between these seemingly distant realms.

My role at The Contemplary is to provide technical support and facilitate team communications for faculty and outside collaborators. I’m also passionately helping to develop and refine our core offerings to the general public and hope this will one day soon come to fruition in the form of a physical community.