Dr Roger Cole

Oncologist and palliative care physician, Roger Cole has been caring for the terminally ill for the last thirty years. He became an Associate Professor of Palliative Care for the Illawarra Region of NSW between 1992 and 2010. During this time he wrote three books, of which Mission of Love has become an international bestseller being published in a number of overseas countries.

Following a spiritual experience in 1984, Roger began to integrate spirituality in his medical role through meditation and self-awareness, with a vocation to bring hope, comfort and healing to his patients and their families. He currently works part-time as a Palliative Care specialist and enjoys teaching the values that bring purpose, peace and happiness to our lives.

Roger has toured Australia and overseas extensively, giving public talks on hospice care, meditation, inner-healing and spirituality. He speaks on the sensitive issues that face us in death and is equally versed in how we maintain inner peace and happiness. He believes in the connection of mind, body and spirit, and in the healing power of positive thoughts and attitude. His published articles include grief repression in breast cancer, caring for people with advanced AIDS, symptom-control in palliative care, meditation for health-professionals and spiritual care of the dying.