Rhys Aconley-Jones

Rhys Aconley- Jones is a Mediator and conflict coach who runs training in Value-Connected Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication). He is passionate about assisting groups to cultivate the compassion and skills to navigate conflict effectively and with care. He has been meditating daily since becoming a mediator, and finds that his meditation practice is critical to his ability to ‘sit in the fire’ through the intense emotionality of conflict. Developing compassion through LKM and awareness through mindfulness and vipassana has been critical to Rhys’ continued growth and resiliency as a mediator and conflict coach. Rhys is also drawn to Robert Gonzales’ practice of dyadic meditation; the process of assisted self-inquiry through the empathic presence of another. It is his experience that this kind of meditation is capable of healing many traumas that are sustained through relationships, deepening the connection we have to ourselves in the process.